Learn To Create Strategic Videos & Market Yourself To Reach Your Clients Quicker & Grow in your Beauty & Wellness Business even if you are a complete beginner

The Beauty of Video Creation & Marketing !!

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What I will share in the Master Class

Content Strategy

Content strategy is key

Why Strategy is more likely to succeed?

Your path to success

Strong Camera Presence

Bring your authenticity on camera

Build Trust

Get comfortable and make your videos come alive!!

Secrets of Video Marketing

Get ready to show up

Reach your market

Convert easily

How learning Video Marketing can help you?

Why struggle finding clients despite being so good at your work?

Not marketing your business & Making less money is costing you joy & peace in your personal life. You can live the life you truly wish for you & family. Being a part of Video Excellence Lab will help you with the following.


Feel fulfilled by serving more clients

Your beauty & wellness skills & services can reach more people & help them . Videos reach quicker, make your clients more personally comfortable with you. Your efforts to market yourself will give you more joy & growth in your business.


Provide the best lifestyle to your family

We want to give the best to our family, their education, lifestyle & travel. Marketing your lifestyle business will allow you to earn exponentially and truly provide for your family


Play to your full potential

Feel great about making the most out of your beauty, fashion or wellness product, skill, and experience. More clients converting to sales by watching your videos allow you to apply your best self, thrive & grow further.

Meet Aparna

Hi, I am Aparna Ganesh, a media professional ,content creator and Video Excellence Coach.

Happy to share my learnings from the opportunity i have had to be in front of the camera in ad films as well direct promotional films, branded content etc

My experience of the digital media last few years has been exciting and I have gathered a community of 55000 Subscribers and Millions of views for my YouTube channel JoyGeeks.

I am on a pursuit to help Business folks REACH their potential market quicker, with excellent strategic videos using simple tools and techniques that make your videos stand out.

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Aparna Ganesh
Video Excellence Lab

20 Years Experience

  • Happy to have simplified video techniques & strategy to get YOU the results.
  • Translating my years of professional experience as a mentor to coach my students at Video Excellence Lab

Lights, Camera, Action

  • You can ace all the video production process from content strategy, shooting, lighting, to getting camera confident in simple steps
  • Use a phone or a professional camera


  • Simple to follow, even if you are a complete beginner & non technical.
  • Actionable & Result Oriented
  • Step by step instructions across various levels

Let's make Your Dream Videos

Understand how to position yourself in the market through social media ,

Reach your audience and build your brand story in this Master Class.

Your story and your brilliance need to be shared.

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What Our Happy Members Say:

Certainly saves hours on YouTube, as I'm getting coached systematically from one person

"Game changing: Thank you for creating Video Excellence Lab Aparna.

I have been able to improve my camera presence, shooting skills etc. Teaching mostly in the offline world, this course is being a 1 stop solution to all the technical, tactical, and hurdles aesthetically for sharing my knowledge through videos. Also realised how simple video skills like background, shooting process etc. can make a big difference.

Nandeep VJ

Productivity Coach

“ I have nothing but gratitude for Aparna for helping me break free from self doubt and start creating videos 

" Video Excellence Lab is a great way to kickstart your journey into video creation. It gives deep insights into every aspect of video creation- shooting, editing & marketing your videos. Aparna is a great coach when it comes to video creation & there is so much to learn from her experience.

The 3 day Video Excellence Formula course is aptly designed to cover important & major aspects of video creation. It gradually progresses step by step so that you understand it better. I loved the other courses in the bundle as well- Camera Presence Strategy, Video Hits & Misses and Basic Editing Secrets. They help to focus on the underrated aspects of video creation. I learned a lot of concepts from the course. It helped me break the mental roadblocks I had about taking my first step to creating videos.

I started shooting with what I have ie. phone, learned to adjust the camera setting, lighting, angles and basic editing. I have nothing but gratitude for Aparna for helping me break free from self doubt and start creating videos.

The videos I create are mainly focussed on Diabetes education and I am glad to share that one of the videos is close to 50k views on YouTube "

Snehal Nandagavli

IT Analyst

Mumbai Chapter lead, Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a video worth?